Explore link between C-sections and health problems


BARBADIAN HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS should explore claims that there’s a link between birth “interventions” such as Caesarean sections and health problems which such emerging babies face later in life.

The suggestion was made today by midwife and spokeswoman for the charity Better Birthing In Bim, Andrea Jordan, during a seminar for midwives at Courtyard By Marriott in Hastings, Christ Church.

Jordan said the claim, made by the people behind a major film, education and research project, was a matter which world leaders were “taking on board” and “something we should be taking seriously”.

The film Microbirth floats the theory that a Caesarean section might prevent a baby from being properly “seeded” with the mother’s own bacteria at birth. Consequently, the baby’s immune system may never develop to the full potential, thus leaving that infant with an increased risk of developing one or more serious diseases later in life. (TY)


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