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PUDDING & SOUSE: A real chewing out


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ORIENTAL TENANTS of a restaurant got a tongue-lashing of a lifetime from the owner of the establishment when he returned to Barbados recently.

The owner, a Barbadian who lives overseas, left no stone unturned in tearing into the three men and a woman and threatening to evict them post-haste unless they coughed up in excess of $100 000 in rental arrears.

Some say his attack was worse than that of a pit bull on a vulnerable victim.

People in the know assured the tenants that his bark is worse than his bite and that they need not fear the worst. However, the short men, who said that they had no intention of breaking the law, have made arrangements to pay off the debt in instalments and hope that they are allowed to continue to serve daily meals.

Toothless union

Some say the union in this eatery has gone asleep; others say it was never awake. Some say the union delegates are not trying hard enough; others say they are not even trying. The workers, however, say that they have had enough.

With reduced work hours and reduced pay, but added responsibilities, the workers say they feel that this is too much being pushed down their craw.

With little or no recognition for good work, but plenty recognition of errors, workers seem to be operating in a concentration camp environment. If workers fall ill on the job and return home, they are paid only for the hours worked and it is also recorded as a sick day. Any error is met with a verbal or written warning, then suspension. Yet there is no commensurate recognition for good work, but union delegates sit and allow this sickening situation to obtain.

Managers, who are shouted at like children, sit at the round table, swear that it’s the young Hitler with the wry and dry smile who gives these dictatorial directives. Stay tuned to this one. It’s getting hot in the kitchen.

Pumper under pressure

A woman with a global view, who works at a gas station during the day, and “overtime” at night, is fighting against the odds to keep her freedom. The attendant, who likes rocks, dreadlocked men and bad boys, has tested fate and may soon be pumping gas from another location.

Only recently her file had to updated with a stern letter after she got on like a black hat because she was accused of have relations with a man who did not fit the above profile. Of course, she cleared up that accusation with language that was more powerful than an octane boost.

P&S has been told that there is no smile broad enough or no “best man” good enough to save her this time.

Horns all around

A woman who has a love for long fingernails is wreaking havoc in her district.

The woman, whose surname is similar to that of a popular vehicle, is no sweetbread. She is throwing serious horns in her husband with both women and men. The husband, who is no saint himself, is taking his licks like a man, though he is adamant that she must leave his house.

P&S has been informed that this woman is regularly heard swearing at her husband. Some feel she has disgraced the neighbourhood in the east.

The husband, we understand, is seeing another woman, in whom he confides about his horrible marriage, which lasted officially for about three months, though they still live together. The wife was a lover of both sexes for years.

One taximan told of dropping off this woman by one of her outside men and encountering a woman as she got on the front step and it was “cat urine and pepper” in broad daylight. Stay tuned.


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