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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Testing time in Dalkeith


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A CERTAIN OUTSPOKEN man from the heartland of Barbados has been denounced for “creating mischief in public” and is now persona non grata in Dalkeith.

This moutta man, who is known to be a vigilant watchdog, is being denounced by some for recent public comments. It’s all because of his lamentation of the characters at Horatio, whom he fears are behaving like the characters in Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. In response, some say there can be no unity with people who seek to create mischief and trouble.

The test of things will soon come as the people in Dalkeith and the moutta man will have vested interest in defending the bag searchers and those who demand funds on behalf of Zacchaeus. The question is: can the two sides work together and will the people in Dalkeith urge all to be on their side when they go on the battlefield?

Crooner snubbed

A SMOOTH, SWEET-SINGING local entertainer recently learnt he had little reason to strike a pose. Indeed, he recounted what he termed an occasion of shame for him as he fought to hold back the tears.

He quietly spoke of being invited to do a special tribute in song at a funeral service and turned up at the rural church on time well attired, only to be totally snubbed.

In his golden years, but with the ability to still hold a sweet melody unplugged, he readily agreed to bring some comfort to the occasion. Unfortunately, all he could do was to hurriedly leave the location.

After more than five decades in the business of pleasing people, the one thing he has learnt from this exercise is to have a written agreement in hand.

Productivity snag

SOME YEARS AGO a famous man spoke about an army of occupation and some people got real vex. Many people have often agreed with that description but dare not say so aloud for fear of offending the people who march behind Horatio and even some who continue the tradition of the heavy roller.

However, given the complaints about the actions in The Pine and on Roebuck Street, there is no denying that something is ridiculously wrong.

At one stage those who are marked present in The Pine complained about the “environmental conditions” that caused them to limit their limited production.

Then there is the situation on Roebuck Street where things are so bad that what should normally be a one-hour undertaking can take days. And don’t go to Roebuck Street after 9:30 a.m.

It is clear that in both The Pine and Roebuck Street, the National Productivity Council needs to do a case study and then present the findings to  the defenders of the turf and, of course, to any one who may be in charge.

Infighting escalates

IT IS BEING DESCRIBED as the most divided house in Barbados and as such some people are calling on the outgoing and incoming men of prayer from the nearby temple to do a special blessing on this house and the people therein.

The general in charge has lost faith in most of his majors and has had to resort to a special tactical team to lead the troops.

This has not gone down well with the majors, who are unwilling to retire their ranks but have indicated that they will not take to battle or give strategic guidance to the troops.

As a result, there is a lot of confusion on all levels of the multistorey house with some high-ranking officers just donning their uniform and turning up in the mess. They are no longer on the parade square. So after all the external expertise sought to say what should happen in the divided house, the status quo remains and the problems grow bigger. It is now left to see what or if the fellow from Goodland will do anything to put things right.

Look out for the sequel.


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