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TALKBACK: Meth definitely not welcome in Barbados


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ONLINE READERS reacted with horror at the disclosure that methamphetamines have joined the cocktail of drugs now available in Barbados.

Family therapist Dr Al Layne made the revelation during a recent workshop held by the Substance Abuse Foundation. He said some of the people enrolled in the drug treatment programme at Verdun House had used crystal meth or meth, as it is known, to overcome their addictions. He said this was unusual, as marijuana, cocaine and alcohol remained the drugs of choice.

Meanwhile, Betty Hunte of the National Council on Substance Abuse said they would have to find out if the users were Barbadians or visitors, but the island lacked the means to deal with the drug. Meth can be made at home and Hunte warned that the labs, which are highly volatile, pose a danger to surrounding properties.

Online readers shared their views:

Tête La: Lookout, looka trouble . . . . This is the drug of pure destruction, doom and death. Meth has no friends, family or foe.

Lady-Stylez Pilgrim: That was around for a good time. Educate the children of the serious dangers of that drug and pray.

Margaret Hinkson: If you never once try/use any drugs you can’t get addicted, so please, please don’t try. There are so many other things in life to enjoy, especially in beautiful Barbados. I’ve seen how drugs destroy people, bring them right down.

Jason Evelyn: Meth can be made with over-the-counter products. Meth isn’t a rich drug, neither is it crack. It’s an epidemic. Ruins lives.

Wendy Stewart: Oh my, that is terrible news. It is a very dangerous, addictive, and destructive drug. Lord have mercy on Barbados!

Gina Liv Olivia: That is the worst thing possible to happen. Drugs like that create zombie-like people that will kill their own mother for a high. [I] see it here all the time. Follow the foreigners and . . . allowing this poison to ruin black people’s lives. Wake up Barbados; everything white ain’t right.

Ali Baba: The worst thing about meth is, it can be made by anyone and anywhere. It must not be smuggled into the country as one would think like from US or UK or wherever. That is the dangerous part of it and more dangerous is, when you get hooked to it, then your life just goes down the drain.

Richard Green: What a shame; now this is how our young people will start dying faster. I will continue praying for my beautiful Barbados.

Anita Winter: Terrible shame. Barbados does not need this with all the problems it already has. Undoubtedly, crime will increase.

Santini More: Frightening. This is such an evil and dangerous substance.

Danielle Reid-Melillo: Just don’t take it ever; it’s that simple. Nothing to be afraid of.

Daud Haqq: Poison to fry the brain. Soon there will be zombies on the street.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is The Nation’s Online Editor.


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