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DEAR CHRISTINE: Too many co-workers having affairs


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Dear Christine,

PLEASE DO NOT accuse me of being malicious but I need to share my thoughts concerning a problem which has been bothering me for a long time. The thing is, it is no longer an in office/company matter. It is a case where people on the outside are saying some nasty things about my workplace.

We are being referred to [in slang language] as “D” place”. In other words, my workplace is now “D place” where co-workers sleep with each other like it’s part of their job description.

It does not matter whether they are married, single or engaged. It has gotten so bad that the families of co-workers are kept abreast of “who is sleeping with who”, where they meet, who uses the bathroom for a “quickie,” and the talk goes on.

Finding condoms in male and female bathrooms at work bathrooms has become the norm. I am sure when the “cleaners”, who arrive after working hours to conduct their usual cleaning, must have quite a fit.

The latest case involves a young woman, who started an affair with a colleague and is now pregnant. Christine, she lives in a house with her boyfriend – to whom she is engaged.

Word out there is that she is pregnant for the co-worker. In fact, he told another colleague he knows the child is his.

How can employees be so carefree and promiscuous without giving their actions any thought? How can they leave their partners at home and go to work to start affairs? Christine, I honestly do not believe my office is the only place where this kind of thing happens. I’d be a fool to believe so, but I honestly think that respect can only be given to whom it is due.

I am not necessarily asking for advice, but please print my letter. Maybe it will open the eyes of many.



Dear P.K:

You have not asked for advice and so I will not give advice, but I will make a comment, if that is all right with you.

The degradation of any home or organisation begins with an individual. If each individual were to respect himself or herself, our society or any society, for that matter, would be a better place. The truth is, values must be shared and passed down by families, the church, schools, and so on, but not many people want to hear about moral values.

Frankly speaking, people are free to make their own choices and most times they do not care whom they hurt in the process. I hope the reputation of your workplace changes. It will when individuals begin to make morally upright choices.



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