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DEAR CHRISTINE: Finding it hard to trust my bride


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My letter may be one of the most unusual letters you’ve ever received, but allow me to share it.

My wife and I were married three months ago. We had a whirlwind kind of romance that lasted six months before our wedding. 

While on our honeymoon, she invited her ex-boyfriend to have dinner with us “because he was in town and was leaving the island the following day”. I thought very little about this since they were an item for three years before I came along and “wooed her all the way to the altar”.

I saw nothing unusual about the suggested dinner until she placed her hand on his shoulder when he was about to leave the table and whispered something in his ear. 

I said nothing.

The following morning, she got up early and said she needed to run an errand. Two hours later my telephone rang in the hotel room and her ex told me I must be careful since she offered herself to him, but he refused on the grounds that she was married and I was a “good man”.

When I questioned her about it, she said she wanted to prove if he had really changed and that she had no intention whatsoever of going to bed with him. She said she was sorry and told me we could now get on with our lives.

Since that incident and the fact that she still has him on her WhatsApp list, I am finding it hard to trust her. Please give me some advice.


Dear MRD,

I didn’t want to say that your whirlwind romance seemed to be just hot air, but I am forced to do so. 

You know very little about this woman and should have taken time to get to know her better before tying the knot.

It seems like you will need to untie this knot very soon if she keeps up her current trend. 

Inviting an ex to a honeymoon dinner is ridiculous. It was naive and somewhat uncool of you to agree to this.

Bearing in mind what has transpired, I’m not surprised that you cannot trust your new bride. 

I’d be surprised though if the marriage lasts much longer. Seems it was finished before it ever got started because your wife does not understand the part of the wedding vows which states “. . . and forsaking all others . . .”

This is one you’re going to have to figure out for yourself. Right now, the forecast looks “bleak with possible showers”. I hope you can read between the lines.



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