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GAL FRIDAY: Minding my own business


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I ESTIMATE that most of the talk this week would be parliamentary, but as I am on the periphery of politics, I would avoid that route.

But while en route to Holetown at approximately 4:30 a.m. would you believe that a man was trying to hitch a ride? Tell me something, would you stop for this guy?

I will give you a description: he was of brown complexion, heavily set, with wide eyes and bushy eyebrows. He also had a tattoo on his arm saying, “Killer.” (Okay, I made up the last part, but at four o’clock in the morning, your imagination can play tricks on you).

Not stopping for a boy

Anyway, I wasn’t stopping for a boy that morning. Although I once stopped for a boy of about 16 and he told me he needed to go to “pop a shot” in St James.

I didn’t know what that meant until he said a guy took his gold chain from him and he was going to settle the score.

I convinced him that the chain was not worth it and that I should drive him home instead. “You know I pay 40 #%$^&* dollars for that chain?” I gave him the $40 and told him to stay outof trouble.

Callous characters

I was kinda frighten with all the things I hear and with all the Lifetime movies I watch. And you never know – the most innocent-looking people could be some of the most callous characters.

Because I not judging, but I will tell you about another experience, with an old lady, to boot. I shared this with Dr Phyllis Burnett at Warrens Physiotherapy the other day; and she couldn’t believe it.

I was on my way to The Nation and I was looking at these people with placards apparently advertising the Signia Footstep Challenge this Sunday.

They were placards in the shape of feet, so I stopped to take a look.

Well, well, well: an old lady opened the door of my car and plopped into the passenger seat.

“I got a bag you could put in de back,” she said. I was confused, but as she was elderly, I came out, lifted the bag into the trunk and returned to my seat.

Mind yuh own business

“You going far?” She pointed towards Town, so I continued to drive. Silence was kinda awkward, so I decided to make small talk. Who tell me do dat?!?

“Your bag is really heavy; you must have a lot of stuff in that bag,” I smiled. “Mind yuh so-and-so business,” she snapped. Well, reader, I thought she didn’t hear me, so I repeated myself.

“I tell you to mind yuh so-and-so business!” Silence.

The drive to River Road seemed like a drive to River Bay. At the lights, she opened the door and got out. She started walking and I was shouting to her that she forgot the bag in my car. So, when I reached home I took out the bag and looked inside. You want to know what was in it?

Mind yuh so-and-so business!

•Veoma Ali is an author, broadcaster, advertising exec and, most important, a karaoke lover.


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