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TALK BACK: Readers draw politics swords on PM’s portrait


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STELLA LADY ST JOHN, the widow of former prime minister Sir Harold “Bree” St John, added her voice to the detractors over last Thursday’s Tribute To The Prime Ministers ceremony where a portrait of Father of Independence and National Hero Errol Barrow was unveiled in Heroes Square.

The ceremony formed part of the ongoing 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations and Lady St John was of the view that portraits of all seven prime minister should have been unveiled at the same time “or none at all”.

Readers shared their views.

Wayne R. Pilgrim-Cadogan: Yes, I agree with you. It is not about Barrow today, it is Heroes Day and all seven should be portrayed. This is just part of the political game, getting into the election mode. For once, show some respect and leave the politics for another day.

Regina Fertur Lux Worrell: I disagree with Lady St John. There is nothing inappropriate about unveiling one. Errol Barrow is the Father of Independence and the first prime minister. He is entitled to have his done first.

Lucia Aniela Parris: When the Barbados Labour Party government unveiled only Sir Grantley Adams’ statue and placed Heroes Day on what would’ve been his 100th birthday, that was okay, right? All prime ministers have made invaluable contributions to Barbados, good and bad, but none will ever replace Errol Barrow, and I will even go further to state regionally he is incomparable.

Plug Man Plug Man: What [Lady St John] should be telling the people is that her husband was one of those that was against Barbados becoming independent . . .  . These people . . . are talking . . . but they can’t change history.

Adrian Boyce: Heroes Day was conceptualised on the birthday of The Right Excellent Sir Grantley Adams. Some persons have very short memories or only remember when things suit them.

Diana Cummins: Life is so short; [we] complain about the silliest things. If only one, two, three, four unveiled, so what? There are so many things of importance to make a noise about – children are losing their self, teachers and students seem to be on a warpath, businesses closing down left and right, hospital in dire need of supplies, water woes, to name a few.

Ricardo Worrell: It would be better to spend money on proper health care and public transportation than on silly [things] highlighting politicians long gone. Where were they when Clement Payne was fighting for working class people? They only jumped on the bandwagon to reap the sweets while taking credit for other people ideas.

WillieScrapes: Sorry [Lady] St John, Errol Barrow as the Father of Independence demands pride of place in the jubilee year of Barbados’ Independence. Why should individuals who in their lifetime opposed Independence for Barbados be lauded along with those who championed it and achieved it?

Sodi: It would be so awesome if some would pause from the negativity and nitpicking for just one second, and reflect on the fact that Barbados is really celebrating 50 years of continuous Independence.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.


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