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DEAR CHRISTINE: Co-worker I slept with has hurt me


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Dear Christine,

I’VE BEEN SEPARATED from my former lover for more then three years now. I packed my bags and left him left him because he treated me like an animal.

I then moved on with my life and made a promise to myself that I would not get into a relationship with anyone from my workplace.

Despite that promise, Christine, there happens to be a particular man at my place of employment who is in his late 20s. He looks very sexy and attractive and so we started talking. Then before you know it, we were kissing in the bathroom every chance we got.

Then we had sex on a few occasions.

At first I felt guilty about it, then when it happened again, I felt good.

Then one day I had to leave work early and to my surprise as I made my way out, I saw him kissing another woman – one of my co-workers – a short distance from our department.

I walked past as though nothing had happened but my heart hurt like crazy because I had fallen in love with this man.

Christine, was I wrong in allowing those things to happen? Did I jump in bed too quick with this fellow?

– C

Dear C,

I suspect that men, although they are part of the act, are not overly impressed and admiring of a co-worker who is willing to have kisses and sex in the business bathroom. So it doesn’t surprise me he’s willing to share his kisses and whatever with whoever will go along with his programme.

It wasn’t the wisest thing to do and it probably gave the impression you were “easy” which men enjoy but do not admire.

I don’t have to tell you for I feel in your heart you know what happened was not right. But it’s not the end of the world so put it behind you and avoid repeat performances. There is a lesson to be learnt from every experience, no matter how painful it is.



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