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DEAR CHRISTINE: After five years, she’s horning me


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DEAR CHRISTINE: I have been a regular reader of your column for the past four years and I have a problem I would like to share with you.

I have been with a woman for the past five years and have always been loyal to her. I tried my best to make her happy. During her hard times I have helped her, and now that she is standing firm, she has neglected me for another man.

Christine, do you think I should hold on to this woman? Should I take her into my home or should  I let her go to him?

If I cannot have her I will see to it that no other man can.

Christine, please advise me before I do something which I will regret later. 

– V.H.

Dear V.H.:

If you injure her or yourself you will regret it later. 

Over and over I have stressed the marvellous healing there is in time. Give yourself some time to process all that has occurred without first trying to get even.

I assure you that in less time than you think possible, you’ll realise she is not worth the trouble you can put yourself into if you act in hasty anger.

Weren’t there other girls you cared for before you met her? There are many more out there who you can care for again.

Do things to get your mind off of this relationship. Mingle with close friends and family members, go to the beach, attend church, where you will meet people who can help you to grow spiritually. Take time to go to the beach and do those things you like to do. Visit the elderly or become a volunteer of some charitable organisation.

In short, spend your time wisely as you get over the pain and hurt caused by the relationship.



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