Andre did ‘a lot’ in his short time


ANDRE GITTENS died in tragic circumstances at a young age, but his final destination was not affected.

Reverend of The People’s Baptist Church in Rock Hall, St Philip, Dr Cliston Burke, is certain that the 22-year-old who died in a collision at Graeme Hall, Christ Church, on January 29, is now in Heaven.

Yesterday, Burke told the congregants, who spilled out of all three doors and stood at the side of the church to pay respects, that Gittens was Heaven-bound because the youngster was baptised and had accepted Christ.

During his brief address to celebrate Gittens’ life, Burke noted that life sometimes seemed unfair, especially when death changed lives forever.

He comforted the family and other mourners with the reminder that Gittens packed “a lot of living” in his short time.

Gittens was eulogised by Kenroy Birch, who spoke of the former Christ Church Foundation student’s love for his family, football, lasagna and Skittles. He spoke of him being a peacemaker, and how he evolved into “Mr Cool” with neatly braided hair at the Barbados Community College.

“Everything had to be in order and neat, down to the last detail. He was proud and made all those who came into contact with him proud as well,” Birch said.

As if influenced by his sister Kimberley, who is a nurse, Gittens’ next goal was to pursue general nursing at Community College. While waiting for the programme to be upgraded to the Bachelor’s degree, he took a course in biology and a part-time job at The Crane to fill the time.

Former colleagues from The Crane, principal Robert Cumberbatch, teachers and past students from Foundation, as well as principal Anthony Alleyne and staff of Deighton Griffith Secondary were among the hundreds of mourners, most of whom were dressed in purple, pink and white, paying their final respects.

Gittens’ body was interred at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, The Ridge, Christ Church. (YB)


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