Thursday, February 29, 2024

Smart Homes goes online


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READERS AND ADVERTISERS now have a new online space to connect and share home-related content.

It’s, the companion site of the popular Smart Homes Magazine.

Since its first edition in 2011, the public has been taking full advantage of the Nation Publishing Company’s biannual magazine’s content and reach.

This interest has extended to the new virtual platform, which was launched this month.

According to the Advertising Development Manager of the Nation Group, Kelly Johnally, the launch of the Smart Homes website has the potential to reshape the way in which Barbadian living is viewed from the perspectives of architecture, décor, construction, financial services and other related services.

“When we go online, searches on Caribbean living always yield images of palms trees, starfish and pineapples. Engaging content on areas such as financial services is often from an American context. We have too much available locally not to have a strong online presence that reflects our style and those products and services available locally,” she said. aims to be a go-to resource for all things home.

Users of the site will find how-to videos, home maintenance tips, product features and articles that are both informative and engaging.

“Industry leaders will be included in content development as we aim to ensure that this site remains relevant and useful. The site will be regularly updated to continue the conversation between our print publication dates,” Johnally noted.

Johnally, who spearheaded the online project, said she was pleased with the overwhelming response the website has garnered from online users. That was testament to the Nation’s extensive digital reach, she said, and the project was just the beginning of a host of digital products that will be made available, such as online versions of other Nation magazines.

“We are growing with our readers. As people consume more content in more formats, we are ensuring that they always have relevant and timely information, and that advertisers have platforms to engage with them.

“People are consuming more information than any other time in history; this is across all demographics. The medium may be evolving but the need for information is constant. We are ensuring that readers have more options and content that reflects their interests and lifestyle.”

Integrated Advertising Campaigns

Johnally said the Smart Homes website also allows the company to offer integrated marketing campaigns to clients, extending the life of their print advertising through video, online content, social media support and graphic design. She said the digital packages being offered are customised to reflect the unique aspects and needs of the client.

“One of our main objectives is to always make sure that we give our advertisers’ messages meaningful context in a digital space, where advertising is very effective. We do more than place advertisements. We shape the environment for them to be effective. When you can see a relationship between the digital advertisement and the content, it is always more effective,” she added.

Johnally credits the success of the project to a competent team, with strong writers and developers and a manager who provides room and resources innovation.

“It is very heartening when you see people reading our magazines, and now visiting the website. You feel as though you’re making a small difference in readers’ lives. (LT)


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