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Drug accused gets more time to pay


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The Court extended some leniency to a St Michael man who was caught with $18 000 worth of cannabis.

Ovid Comienskey Alleyne, 35, of Belle Road No. 1, My Lord’s Hill, had been remanded last month after pleading guilty to possession, trafficking and intending to supply cannabis, as well as unlawfully cultivating the illegal drug, last December 9.

When he returned to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on Monday, Magistrate Douglas Frederick told him he would need a substantial amount of money to secure his freedom.

He added that because of the worth of the drugs, he would have to pay at least $10 000.

However, when Alleyne’s mother was called to give an account of how much money she had gathered, she told the court she had only managed $2 000.

“That’s all?” Magistrate Frederick asked her. “He’s going to need a lot more than that. In fact, he should have to pay more than that because that’s less than the value of the drugs.”

But the magistrate seemingly had a change of heart after looking at the disappointed face of the mother. He then allowed the $2 000 payment and gave her six months to come up with the remaining $8 000.

Failure to do so will result in Alleyne spending a year in prison.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid revealed that when a warrant was executed at Alleyne’s residence, vegetable matter was found in a ceramic bowl in the front bedroom. More of the illegal drug was found strung up in another room.

When a further search was conducted in the backyard, police found 14 plants ranging from seedlings to plants six feet in height.

The drugs weighed 4.5 pounds. (RB)


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