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Lynch: Kudos to BCA


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Noel Lynch is leaving his position as chief executive officer of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA), satisfied that the organisation has made significant strides as a business entity over the past two years.

Speaking during the BCA’s annual awards ceremony at Kensington Oval last Friday night, the former Government minister told the audience it was a bittersweet moment to step away, given the improvements the body was able to achieve.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with a brilliant executive team and a competent administrative and technical complement that has improved the exposition and execution of every aspect of the local game,” Lynch said.

“We’ve tightened financial practices, strengthened the employee relationships, employed commitment to the organisation and improved and upgraded every aspect of this company’s administration, whether that be communication, compensation or state regulatory compliance. We’ve brought a seriousness and a commercial readiness to the corporate affairs of the business entity that is the Barbados Cricket Association.”

The outgoing chief executive officer, who demits office at the end of the month, revealed that very recently the BCA was able to convince Cricket West Indies to change the formula for ensuring that territorial boards benefited from a better financial deal from the hosting of international cricket matches.

Lynch joined the BCA in April 2016 and was one of a few additions to the staff during a six-month period.

“I feel somewhat remorseful having to leave these folks behind as this all is still a work in progress. I, however, exit very satisfied. I leave firm in the knowledge that I was afforded this exceptional opportunity that few of our citizens have ever had the opportunity to contribute to Barbados’ social and economic development via a medium that not many immediately recognise or truly appreciate,” he said.

Turning to the field of play, Lynch reasoned that Barbados’ cricket was in good hands.

“This was exhibited with the recent excellence of our junior regional squads, particularly our Under-15 2017 and 2018 teams. By singling out and highlighting the exploits of these young players we herald the advent of a new generation of Barbadian and West Indian cricketers,” he said.

Lynch also took the time to mention exceptional performance of the lower domestic divisions which included the schools, first, second and intermediate divisions which catered to the recreational segment of the national development which was important for the progress of the sport.

He said the performances in the Elite Division were also worthy of celebration since this was the level at which the talent was refined and utilised to form the regional teams.

During his address, he paid tribute to some of the stalwarts who contributed much to the game.

“We also pay tribute to the icons and legends, administrators and officials and of course staff. Without their contribution none of the other awards would have been possible this evening”.

He also acknowledged the performance of the cricketers at the international level.

“This signal feats of unparalleled and unprecedented brilliance that the cricketing world has only just recently celebrated – attainments that have a far reaching economic impact that extends way beyond their social requisites. These are statements that only cricket can make in the Barbadian development context.” (RG)


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