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Dame Billie Miller joins BLP campaign


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Deputy chairperson of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission Dame Billie Miller has resigned from that position to join the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) campaign team for the upcoming May 24 general elections. 

BLP leader Mia Mottley made this announcement Wednesday night at the conclusion of a panel discussion by elders of the party at Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados, Carlisle Bay, St Michael.

 “I have asked Dame Billie to formally join this campaign. It has meant that there are some things that I would need her to do over the course of the next few weeks for us. The wind may be in our sail, but we need now to bring the boat safely into harbour and I make no apologies for saying I will not take any chances with the lives and aspirations of the people of Barbados in so doing. I have formally asked her to join this campaign because no one can replace her in the campaign, but I can find someone to do her work at the Electoral and Boundaries Commission,” noted Mottley.

Mottley, said she had assumed that Dame Billie had formally notified Governor General Dame Sandra Mason that she had demitted her office as deputy chairman of the commission as of Monday.

“Let me remind you that there are others who feel it is okay to hold a position and play partisan politics. That is not the BLP way, and once that decision has been made to join me in the campaign that position became vacant. I have advised the Prime Minister formally that I would like him to appoint Mr Leslie Haynes QC as deputy chairman to replace Dame Billie,” Mottley explained.

She said as leader of the BLP in the upcoming election she was not taking anything for granted.

Mottley cautioned her audience against taking anything for granted because the stability and the economic wellbeing of the country were at stake and contended that they had a duty to all those who went before to ensure that their work was not in vain..

She argued that the country needed everyone, from the oldest to the youngest in the country.

“This election has to be for Barbados and if you see me sending that clarion call it is because we in the BLP come from a tradition where we have never allowed tribalism to get into the way of what is good for Barbados. I thank John Williams for reminding the crowd of the position Sir Harold St John took in 1985 of not putting the island’s future at risk. In order for Barbados to move forward in the interest of our children and grandchildren I encourage you to join me in this crusade. If we succeed with the rising tide all shall prosper”, Mottley said. (NC)  


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