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Gay rights and morality


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With the decriminalisation of buggery in Trinidad, it’s been on my mind how often people say that what they do in their bedrooms is no one else’s business, and that once consenting adults aren’t hurting anyone, then there is nothing wrong with their homosexual union.

Today I want to ask the bigger question: What is the basis for morality? What is it that determines what is right or wrong?

Those who reject The Bible and accuse the Government of legislating morality when our country retains its buggery laws are yet to provide a secure standard of morality.

For example, if you watch the YouTube video – Atheist Lawrence Krauss On Incest – you will see that for the atheist, without belief in God, their only way of determining morality is looking at whether the action under consideration causes harm or not.


Same arguments


But incest between a brother and sister who can’t or have taken precautions not to have children, is not causing harm to others. On this basis, the same arguments made in favour of gay marriage can be made for incestuous marriage as well. They are consenting adults, they are not hurting anyone or infringing on other people’s rights. Yet, we all know that incest is wrong, just as most of mankind has known for thousands of years that homosexuality is wrong.

Both incest and homosexuality were viewed as taboo long before anyone did any research into if they cause harm or not. Why? Because mankind was made in the image of the true God, and thus we all have a conscience that reflects, to some extent, His moral character.

Yes, there are people who have fought against and even killed their conscience, people who no longer see things that are evil as evil. But in general, most people around the world look down on the gay lifestyle as they do adultery and murder. We as a people are straying further and further away from God’s righteous ways, but I am glad that this country has not removed its laws on buggery nor has it legalised gay marriage.

Morality doesn’t originate from some council of men or the United Nations. If it did, then certain things only became wrong when they said so. Morality didn’t originate out of some hypothetical social contract, nor is it a byproduct of socio-biological evolution. If it did, then we all were only holding our respective views because our genetics programmed us to, thus, why should we trust them?

I believe morality is based on the character of God. I believe that righteousness exalts a nation. I believe it was not a happy accident nor a mistake that the world’s three most dominant religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) all agree that gay marriage is wrong. If we turn away from what God is trying to tell us, we may one day end up like Lawrence Krauss – arguing in favour of abominable practices like incest, and being without God in the world.

I implore this nation to get back to Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6)


– Daley Reneldo Reece


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