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Magistrate: Disrespectful behaviour


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An outburst by a Queen’s Counsel who ended his tirade with an expletive left those in the Bridgetown Traffic Court in shock yesterday.

And Andrew Pilgrim could find himself in hot water after Magistrate Graveney Bannister signalled his intent to write Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson about the matter.

“It is utter disrespect,” said Magistrate Graveney Bannister after Andrew Pilgrim’s reaction silenced everyone in the court.

“I don’t find it amusing,” the magistrate later stressed after the attorney had stormed out.

Pilgrim was representing Pedro Burgess, 31, of Baycroft New Road, Bridge Road, St Michael, who was accused of six charges – three for entering the homes of women with intent to commit theft and three for entering women’s homes with intent to commit indecent assault. The matters allegedly occurred between November 13, 2017, and March 13, this year. The magistrate had ordered the prosecution to have the files ready by Friday’s date or they would be dismissed.

Prosecutor Sergeant Vernon Waithe said the files were with the Commissioner of Police and following Magistrate Bannister’s decision to adjourn and not dismiss the six-week old matters that provoked an outburst from Pilgrim.

“I want the court to stick to its word,” Pilgrim loudly told Magistrate Bannister, as he scornfully dismissed the prosecution’s information.

He declared the magistrate’s undertaking had been “nothing but a comfort for a fool” and described the prosecution as fools because they believed “the tail can wag the dog”.

“Mr Pilgrim, I know what I have said earlier. I note your submission. I am cognisant of the fact this matter was only before the court in March and the new information that the matter is before the commissioner and being discussed by the commissioner. I don’t think I will dismiss it at this stage,” the magistrate said as he adjourned the matter until May 17.

“Noting it and doing nothing is meaningless,” Pilgrim said in his raised voice.

“Mr Pilgrim, don’t shout at me,” the magistrate told the attorney.

“I will shout at anybody who shouts at me,” Pilgrim yelled as he ordered his client to leave.

“If you shout at me again, I will have you removed from my court,” Magistrate Bannister declared, as he got up and left the Bench

“Well do that nuh. If you are man enough come out here and order it. You think that someone out here afraid of you? Think a*******gain,” Pilgrim said near the open door to the magistrates’ chambers before he stormed out.

“He carries silk. I think there should be an apology,” the magistrate said moments after he retook the Bench.

It was back in 2001 that Pilgrim found himself in confrontations with Justices Carlisle Payne (now deceased), Lionel Greenidge, retired, and Sherman Moore who retired as a Justice of Appeal. (HLE)


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