Suckoo: Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from voting


Don’t be intimidated Dr Esther Byer Suckoo told Democratic Labour Party supporters tonight during a joint St James meeting at Thorpes Main Road. 

She advised them not to let anything or anyone, fear or intimidation keep them from the poll on Thursday. 

The St George South candidate said the DLP had never backed down from doing what was right for the country and neither should Party supporters.

“Save Barbados from the BLP and certain ruination,” she said. 

She dismissed the BLP slogan Mia Cares saying that when legislation for the vulnerable was debated in the House of Assembly Mottley’s voice was absent. Byer Suckoo pointed to laws that protected against sexual harassment for women who previously had to do all kinds of favours for the boss in order to get time for their children.

In addition, the DLP also passed legislation against domestic violence providing for the vulnerable, a safe haven.

“Where was Mia . . . ,” Byer Suckoo asked, adding that because it was on a t-shirt doesn’t mean “Mia cares”.

She advised voters not to be afraid and invoking a biblical reference warned them not to be like the Israelites and give up before reaching the promised land. (AC)


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