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Talma to launch book


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Brian “deAction Man” Talma has released a preview of his book The Brain Smiles And The Life Sings: The Last Of The Bronze Class.

The autobiographical account highlights some of Talma’s experiences growing up mixed race within the Barbadian society while exploring the themes of discrimination, belonging and success.

The preview, which contains the first three chapters of the book which are entitled The Last Of The Bronze Class, Different Rules For Different Fools and A New Life, Equality To Breathe is expected to be ready for release by November.

“The book is The Brain Smiles And The Life Sings, which means that there are many challenges and how you overcome the challenges and how we can make a positive outcome of something that could have been negative. There is a picture of my great, great grandfather in it. He had many women and the majority were black women. It also highlights my grand-parents and my parents and shows the diversity within a family and the major theme in the book is the division within the society when it comes to black and white.

“The Last Of The Bronze Class talks about my family, then it goes on to talk about various aspects of my journey. It doesn’t leave anything out about my life. The goal was to be as factual and as honest of who Brian Talma is and how he grew up. Then chapter three is A New Life, Equality To Breathe and it speaks about when I went away to college. When I went to school overseas I wasn’t in no man’s land; I was just a human being, that truly saved me. In this world we are put into categories and boxes,” he said. 

Along with the account, the veteran surfer who received a sporting icon award for the island’s 50th anniversary, has also incorporated symbolism art which has been a major part of his journey and the Beach Culture World Tour.

“There is a strong message in symbolism. Each image represents something. It is like a language we have in beach culture. The image of the turtle means seeing eye to eye. No man needs to feel like they have to humble down despite race, sex, class. We are all equal. We have the flying fish, the Mahi Mahi,” said Talma.

He explained that the other chapters will soon be finished and he was very pleased with the development of his work and what it will highlight.

“It’s almost complete and I am very happy about it. It took a lot of time to do. It’s very personal because it’s a bio. You are dealing with a lot of personalities and people; some are friends and some no longer are. To be a professional athlete at this level people don’t understand sacrifices you have to make, but I am very proud that I didn’t step on anybody in the process. All of that is wrapped up in the theme of the book. I wrote the book at 53 and I am very fortunate to still be in the game.”

Talma recently left the island for Europe where he will continue to promote Barbados as well as his Beach Culture World Tour along with his new book.

He wishes to thank all the sponsors who have assisted in making his vision a reality up to this point and his current sponsor, Nash International, for partnering with him as the journey continues. (RG)


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