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Kingdom Arts brings fashion to stage


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The fashion was hot and the atmosphere was electrifying, making for one awesome night last Thursday at the Kingdom Arts Fashion Show.

Organiser of the fashion show and week of activities, Kevin Campbell, said this year’s fashion show was bigger and better than in previous years and was well received.

Nine designers touched the stage showcasing all types of fashion from work attire, casual to wedding wear.

Campbell, who also presented a line with fellow designer Shawn Ifill, said the response to the fashion show over the years has grown.

“This year is a tremendous growth. This year we have nine designers, some who were doing it for the first time and some who were returning. We had a cast that was also kind of mixed as well. We’ve had a tremendous response and I think that people are really enjoying it,” he said.

Shaun Hays, a master speed artist, was definitely one of the highlights of the night. Painting to the sound of Broken Vessels, Hays did an impressive chalk piece in about five minutes.

There was also a hair presentation by Danice Hinds of Project Hair 2 Soul, who dropped some life advice all the while speaking about the mohawk hairstyle she was creating.

In addition to the fashion and presentations, the audience was also entertained by solos throughout the night.

Some vendors also got the opportunity to showcase their products to those in attendance.

First-time vendor at the event, Shekita Walcott, said it was a great first-time experience.

“It went great. I really like the atmosphere and the fashion I got to see was really good. During intermission persons came out and got a chance to see the stuff and even made some purchases. It was good, some nice fellowship. It was really good to get the exposure as well since I have an online store,” Walcott said.

Campbell said the festival, now in its fifth year was going well so far and expected it to pick up even more.

“So far it’s going good. This is our third event. Things are really going to step up over the weekend with the dance show over the weekend and the culinary workshops and experience. We will have the night of worship tonight to end it off. This year we also had a number of new events and that went well,” he added.

Campbell said the main aim of the Kingdom Arts Festival was to bring about positive godly influence through the arts.

“I think people have been receiving it well. It’s still a baby but it’s growing and it’s growing well. I think for some of the achievements it has made it’s been going good. Things are growing and we are pleased,” Campbell said. (DB)


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