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Nick Nunes

It’s wonderful that we are all able to live in a time where we can actually image the interior of our bodies and diagnose our ailments almost immediately. Thankfully, Barbados has the technology and qualified personnel to do this.

Imaging & Ultrasound Inc. is the go-to place for everyone on island to get their internal viewing done. The most important “know before you go” of Imaging & Ultrasound is that they are a referral-based imaging service and you need a request from your doctor or health care provider.

Here is the most pertinent information you need to know before you go to Imaging & Ultrasound from Dr Dean Durant, consultant interventional radiologist and his team.

What documents should you always have when going to Imaging and Ultrasound?

1. Completed REQUEST FORM from your referring physician or health care provider.

2. Your ID card.

3. Insurance card or form and your BARP or discount card.

What are the most common misconceptions people have about Imaging and Ultrasound?

1. That all procedures can be done immediately. Some require specific preparation instructions and some procedures require an appointment.

2. As the clinic is fully digital, we no longer give out X-ray film, instead, we offer a CD with your images on it or we can email them.

3. A hard copy of reports can be requested, but with our new PACS technology, reports and images are emailed or sent via the Imaging &

Ultrasound portal to the referring doctor.

4. You can request your own Imaging study. By law, you must have a referral form from a registered health care provider (except routine mammograms over the age of 40).

What do people need to know about going to Imaging and Ultrasound?

1. We are the leaders in digital Diagnostic Imaging in Barbados.

2. Strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols are in place.

3. The importance of following any

preparation directions given for your appointment.

4. The importance of keeping your appointment time.

5. Requisition forms may be sent via email or WhatsApp to make appointments or for any queries.

Email: info@imagingandultrasound.

com or WhatsApp 832-6201.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always willing to assist.

What are the top reasons for going to Imaging and Ultrasound?

1. Well established and recognised Imaging Centre in Barbados since 1984 with over 400 referring health providers.

2. We offer a comprehensive Imaging service including general X-rays, ultrasounds, barium studies, mammograms, and biopsies using state-of-the-art equipment. We also have an affiliated mobile service.

3. Timely professional service and reports.

4. Reports are sent via email immediately to your referring physician as the consultant radiologist completes the study. This system is very efficient and echo friendly.

5. The only Imaging facility in Barbados that employs only consultant radiologists, senior radiographers, and ultrasonographers, who are all Caricom nationals.

6. Extended clinic opening hours from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. weekdays and 7.30 a.m. -12 noon Saturday. Emergency out-of-hours service is available.

7. Easily accessible location in 3rd Avenue Belleville, St Michael (next to FMH Medical Clinic).

What things do people go there for that they should have caught earlier?

The list below is only a few conditions X-ray and ultrasound examinations can assist in diagnosing 1. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, primary and secondaries cancers.

2. Diverticulosis, stomach ulcers, bowel cancer

3. Kidney stones, bladder tumours.

4. Ascites and cystic lesions.

5. Thyroid nodules and enlarged lymph glands.

What are the early signs that you should get something checked?

1. Pain, swelling, loss of weight or appetite. Change in bowel habits. Make an appointment to see your GP or a specialist.

Your GP or specialist will refer you to Imaging & Ultrasound Inc. for the correct procedure required.

What else should the general public know about Imaging and Ultrasound?

1. Our consultant radiologists offer a comprehensive array of routine and specialised examinations including obstetric ultrasounds, vascular ultrasounds and HSG’s.

1. Dr Dean Durant, consultant interventional radiologist, specialises in a wide range of biopsies, drainage, and PICC line insertions.

2. Mammograms on ladies over 40 can be done as a self-referral.

3. We offer emergency out-of-hours service at the clinic and a MOBILE Imaging service through our affiliate company Imaging2GO.

4. Discounts are given for Government referrals, BARP, NUPW members, amongst others.

5. 3D/4D imaging of your baby is available for expectant mums – gift certificates are available.

Who can use the Imaging2GO service?

1. Imaging2GO is an affiliated diagnostic imaging service that provides general mobile X-rays and ultrasounds to anyone who has a referral form from their physician.

2. We come to you at your home, clinic, office and even out on location. It is a wonderful service for the elderly, persons with reduced mobility or persons who prefer to remain at home.

3. The referral form can be sent via WhatsApp along with your location to 266-2750 and we will arrange a convenient time to come to you.

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