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DEAR CHRISTINE: Asking for help for two little girls


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Dear Christine,The reason why people write is because of the way you get help for them and the advice you give them.I am writing to you for help for two little girls ages seven and ten, who I have never met before but I have heard of the worst things which their mother’s companions did to them from when they were ages two and five years old. I believe men are still doing the worst things to those children right now. The children’s mother recently moved to St Lucy to get away from the children’s last “preyer”. She told me all about how those children were molested.I also believe the mother put him in court when they told her he was one of their molesters. I feel she took action because she trusted him with her children and he was older than the other men who molested the children before.Christine, what I heard about those children and how those men treated their innocence has me sad and upset because I am in no position to help them. But I know you are in a position where you can get this disturbing matter dealt with.Christine, this man told me so much things about who and what these men did with the children, ages of two and five years, that I cannot write because it will take to long to write you. Another thing he told me was the children’s mother is pregnant and lives with another man, who is not their father. So you and me know what maybe going on in that house with them!Christine, this man is trying to covering up what he did by blackmailing the children’s mother. So she’s not going to court for the next appearance. Christine, I know she is afraid of what will be reveal in court about the other men who she had in her life, who also molested her children in the worst ways. I heard from the man who she has in court. Christine, I know she is afraid of what will be revealed in the court about the other men with whom she lived with, who also molested her children in the worst ways. Christine, she needs to go to court the next court date to get this disorderly man and those other men dealt with.Christine, I have information about this man and his friends who interfered with these children’s innocence, which the Child Care Board and the guidance counsellors can get to investigate those men and put them in jail for those children. – Very ConcernedDear Very Concerned,  I do hope you have informed the Child Care Board about this situation immediately, although the authorities there should have already known given that there is a case before the law courts.Your friends that are aware of the situation should also be encouraged to get the woman to go immediately to the Child Care Board and outline the situation to the officers there. They are many competent and caring workers there who will review and look into the case.  It is imperative that these children be rescued from a situation where they are exploited and left to suffer mentally and psychologically. The scars will be great and could affect them for the remainder of their lives.  Time is of the essence in this matter and you must act urgently especially since you claim to have relevant information which would be of help to both the Child Care Board officers and the police.   Act in the name of justice and decency.– Christine


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