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THURSDAY’S CHILD: Shania shines on and off court


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She loves netball and sign language.Shania Rosemond, 9, is also involved in the 4-H and Brownies. This class 2, St Ambrose student is also outstanding in her academics. She registered in the St Ambrose Brownie Pack in February and already has gained over half a dozen badges because of her deep involvement.Although her mum, Laura, describes Shania as very shy “when she is out”, she said she has to beg her daughter to stop talking when she is at home.Shania has been doing very well in her school work and about seven weeks ago she was picked as one of the first players to join the netball team for her school. Shania said she loves the sport and wants to even play it for her country. In fact, she said she “fell in love”  with netball after the first week or so.“If it was not netball, I would do swimming but I love playing netball one hundred per cent. I play wing defence and goal defence. My favourite part of playing is when I have to shoot,” she said, boasting of her ability to score lots of goals during practice.Shania was also involved in swimming but later gave it up because she just wanted to try something else. This Combermere Street, St Michael resident said she hopes to attend the Combermere School.Despite her deep involvement in many disciplines, Shania still finds time, like any other child, to watch television and hang with friends. She said her favourite food is macaroni pie and when she has free time she surfs the internet or do some school work. When she is with her friends, Shania discusses netball.Laura added that her daughter also does some singing and dancing. “I am very proud of her. I am okay with her playing netball and any further she can get that is great. Her school work is very good. I am definitely satisfied with her performance in school. I could not ask for more. When she is home you have to beg her to stop talking. She loves singing and dancing,” said her mum.Shania said she also loves Mathematics, one of her better subjects and she wants to become a doctor.Laura said she is behind her daughter “one hundred and twenty five per cent”.“I don’t push her too much. It is up to her. Once she is interested I give her the support.  She is a shy child so when you see that she is interested in doing something that is good, we encourage her to go for it. The family support is very strong,” quipped Laura, noting that Shania’s dad, Paul“Sonny” Joseph was very instrumental in her development.Shania admires singing sensation, Rihanna, her class teacher, Ms Lewis and international singer, Justin Beaver.  Shania, who has St Lucian roots, said she travelled to St Lucia on numerous occasions. She also went to places such as New York, Miami and Puerto Rico.“If you want to take part in something, keep trying and keep doing the activities you like. Just keep practicing,” she said.


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