Hammie okay with La La


Member of Parliament (MP) Hamilton Lashley yesterday said he had no objection to the singing of La La by Red Plastic Bag (RPB) in the finals of the Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop competition tonight.According to Lashley’s spokesperson Carl Alff Padmore, RPB considered replacing La La, which is about Lashley’s switching of political parties, out of sensitivity to the MP who suffered a broken hand and a head injury in a fatal car crash Tuesday.But Lashley made the decision an easy one for the nine-time calypso king yesterday, by calling him and giving him his blessing to perform La La.“I don’t want to be in a position where I stifle artistic creativity,” Lashley said through his spokesperson yesterday.“Red Plastic Bag wanted to be comfortable, and Mr Lashley wanted him to be comfortable too, so that’s why he approached RPB to give him his blessing,” Padmore added.Lashley, the MP for St Michael South East, was hurt in a car crash in which his chauffeur Sylvester Brown died at Hanson Hill, St George.


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