Sunday, April 14, 2024

Time to hang those guilty of murder


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FIRST, let me express my heartfelt sympathy and that of my entire family, to the families of those young ladies who lost their lives in the fire, one of them I knew well.

There is a public outcry to resume hanging on the island for those people who commit a crime as heinous and barbaric as the one perpetrated recently.

Several members of the legal fraternity, along with a few members of the public, are against the death penalty sighting human rights violations; seems like the individuals that perish aren’t human therefore they had no rights.

It is also argued that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. oh so now the shoe is on the other foot, it’s too tight.

Well, why did they ask to put it on? Even though they are a minority, these people can make enough noise to stall justice indefinitely.

If I am wrong to want the death penalty reinstated then God will be my judge, but it’s time we in Barbados do what other Third World countries do.

As long as there is proof beyond a shadow of doubt that you have committed the crime intentionally, then as long as the judge settles on a verdict and it’s death, then the sentence should be carried out within 12 hours.

If the death sentence is not imposed, then that person should be sentenced to at least 100 years without the possibility of parole; no mixing with the jail population and at least 23 hours confinement daily.

Also may I ask, why are lethal injections not administered in Barbados and why are punishments meted out to the perpetrators of serious crime confined to hanging or incarceration?

Why does the church that is raising the money for a reward, not give it to each of the families to help offset funeral costs and other expenses that will undoubtedly arise from this most unexpected tragedy?


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