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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Playing musical chairs


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NO ONE seems to like to play musical chairs anymore – not even the politicos.
For the uninitiated, musical chairs was once a popular pastime at schools across Barbados. Music would be played and when it stopped you had to find a chair to sit on – failing which you were out.
Not too long ago, a former player of the game made it a point to start and stop the music whenever he saw fit to get some stragglers removed from his team – or, at the very least, to force them to change course.
However, after several months of speculation, it has now become clear that a certain bossman is not inclined to play the game – at least not yet, and no one can force him to either, no matter how much they do.
But Cou Cou has been doing some digging on its own, and our information is that the bossman in question is well aware of the rules of the game, and does indeed have an ace up his sleeve that he is not quite ready to show to associates.
Our understanding is that he is preparing to play the game, but is ensuring that he does not play into his opponents’ hands.
Cou Cou understands that if and when he does start the music, no one will actually be ejected from their seats, but that there would be reduced seating space for at least one rural man who does most of his business in The City.
The question is, when will he take up the mike and announce the song?
Enemy within
FROM?ALL reports, a brand of culture of a most distasteful kind is developing at a certain Government agency.
First, there was the ill-treatment of a certain big-up at a major awards ceremony. Then there was the umbrella incident. And more recently a well-known person was put out to pasture.
Now Cou Cou understands that a woman who sits at the same altar as the lady in charge has been included in an inner circle even though she is known to have connections with the enemy.
All Cou Cou will say is that day does run till night catches it.
Big-up missing
WHY wasn’t a certain big-up in attendance at a major meeting held a few Sundays ago?
Well, as far as Cou Cou knows, he was on an overseas assignment.
The question is: Would he have approved of the actors and the roles they played in his absence?
DEATH forces people apart, but it can also bring people together.
That was the case in Christ Church earlier this week when two adversaries on the political front embraced at a church gathering.
The two, who sat in different pews, attended the event that related to the passing of the matriarch of a devoted supporter. Those around were heartened that they warmly greeted each other.
Neither person owes anything to the other, but that embrace would have sent shivers down the spines of some people who turned up at the sorrowful event.
No quick pick
A certain figure believes she is the best person for a recently vacated big-up job.
Well educated and very outspoken, this individual has the right stripes and qualifications for the job, but may have locked horns with important people on too many occasions.
Moreover, Cou Cou understands that the one now calling the shots has all it takes to take his seat as king of the throne.
May the best person win.


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