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Workers cry discrimination


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?WORKERS AT AN embattled statutory corporation are grumbling their dislike loudly about the promotion of a newcomer.
They are claiming that this person should never have gotten the pick because she does not know the job like the experienced staff.
The workers are wondering if this woman got the promotion because she and the daughter of a certain key Government official are best friends. And they are saying that this was just another high-handed action orchestrated by this vertically challenged official who operates like a dictator.
The workers are saying that no one should get a job because of who they know; they should get it for what they know. But they realize that with the promised fatted calf so lean, the butchers have to pick whatever beef they can find on the bones.
Changing times
AN ANNUAL EVENT that will soon recommence is expected to have a number of big names missing this time around.
From what Cou cou was reliably told, most of these big-name individuals have their money under wraps in preparation for another major event scheduled for no later than early next year.
So unless they get sponsors to dig even deeper to support them, they have no intentions of spending a cent.
There is another reason too. Though the event is organized by someone they may like personally, as that individual’s image would be further boosted if it is again a success, they have quietly decided not to support it financially, although they intend to put in an appearance.
One of these big-name people has a particular issue with the event that has nothing to do with the organizer. So the position of his fellow big-name colleagues is perfect to give him additional time to face his creditors.
Blue vex
SOME PEOPLE who are usually in fine voice are hitting a discordant note over their organization’s proposal to look after them.
They’re not off key because they dislike the idea. Their flatline is due to how the whole matter has come about.
One confided to Cou cou that a similar plan was devised and a fancy brochure circulated on what they could expect. But after much delay, and seemingly for no good reason, the plan was shelved and for several months nothing was said or heard about it.
But recently a new plan has appeared offering similar benefits but at a higher price. And this one is being quietly pushed as the way to go.
What has those familiar with the situation so upset is that the new plan is the linkages between those pushing the idea and the company.


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