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What’s wrong with women after age 50?


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WHY IS IT that when women pass 50 they feel they should head to church, get married if they are in a “live-with” situation, and reduce or stop the amount of sex they have?
I really want this investigated. And I want other men to comment on this as well, because  it is a big deal in this country that no one treats as one of the major reasons behind people over 50 breaking up after umpteen years together.
I have heard many a senior man talking  about this through the years in small groups  at cricket or on the beach. Now I have come  to experience it myself, and I can tell you  this thing is a real problem.
Just like what I heard them say about their women and wives, I can now say about my wife. She went from being an outgoing person when we were in our 20s, to being a mother caring first and foremost for her children, getting a home and making sure she kept her job so she  could help pay the mortgage and other bills.
Then, when she moved into her late 40s and the children were moving on to university and working, she began looking at retirement plans and putting more money away for that time.
After she passed 50, she began telling me more and more about going back to church. She would say “people our age does just drop dead”, so we should make our lives right with God.
Now that she is over 60, the church and  her grandchild have become the focal point  of her life. Nothing else seems to matter.  She goes to work to get paid, but her only interest is in church and serving God.
I am not saying that serving God is not a good thing, but I feel she should not be ignoring her wifely duties for that. Imagine, if I pull at her she would tell me “don’t do that” and “people  our age need to respect ourselves”.
Now if I were to go and get a woman – as  she is not being intimate with me anymore –  I would hear how worthless and indifferent I am.
But the reason a lot of older men like me get involved with other women, especially young girls, is because we still have the urge – we still have lead in our pencils.
Our women need to realize this and stop acting as if we are waiting to die or are dead.
Because of my wife’s attitude I, too, have a young thing on the side. That was a difficult decision as I never cheated on my wife, never mind that she had been depriving me.
Why a young woman? Because they do not complicate your life. You give them something and they give you something in return. Older women want relationships; they’re not into fooling around.
Anyhow, that is not what I’m concerned about here as some people would take this and run with it rather than deal with my substantive point – which is how women past 50 feel church is more important than anything else and how they are destroying relationships.


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