DEAR CHRISTINE: Never have affairs with workmates


Dear Christine,
THIS IS PROBABLY just like a million other letters you’ve received from women who have had affairs with married men. But this one contains a piece of advice that hasn’t been emphasized nearly enough.
Last year I started seeing an absolutely fantastic guy from work.
I knew he was married, but we played it cool and thought we could handle it. It was terrific while it lasted, but it had to come to an end. (The old story: we got too serious. He didn’t want to hurt his wife and kids. Then he got “noble” and told me he couldn’t allow me to invest any more time in a man who couldn’t marry me.)
I’m not blaming anybody but myself! I am a mature woman and should have known better. The moral of this story is: if you must have an affair, don’t choose someone you will see at work every day. When it’s over, the daily contact is torture.
Dear Still Hurting,
You seem to have overlooked another “moral” or two: thou shalt not commit adultery, and thou shalt not steal. Do you ever think about the wives?


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