Church stands against violence


The church said a definitive “no” to the issue of domestic violence yesterday through the Barbados Holiness Movement, which comprises the Wesleyan Holiness Church, Church of the Nazarene, Christian Union Church of the Caribbean, and the Salvation Army.
Members from the four denominations made bold their positions on the issue through various messages on placards as they marched from the Eagle Hall Post Office to the Mount of Praise Wesleyan Church in Tudor Bridge, St Michael, where activities culminated with a panel discussion.
Women’s activist Nalita Gajadhar got provocative even before the discussion started by saying that some of the issues of domestic violence stemmed from the biblical teachings of the church about power and control, which was bestowed on the man in the relationship.
Both moderator Reverend Clayton Springer and fellow panellist Reverend Joseph Atherley agreed that the church was sometimes guilty of encouraging people who should really be apart, to stay together.
But having said that, Atherley countered that if there was one thing that was worth saving it was family, and that the church should not be too quick to set people apart.
Members of the audience also expressed concern that the focus was always on women as victims and there were cases where men were abused as well. (YB)


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