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HORSE Sanctuary rescues suffering animal


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THE HORSE SANCTUARY is today working with a young horse owner after removing his horse from a field in St George on Tuesday.
Members of the charity organisation, which rescues and rehabilitates abused and abandoned equines, took possession of the animal after receiving reports about its condition.
A young man, who identified himself as the owner, said he had the animal for about three years, and even though it had recently been ill it was now looking much better.
However, veterinarian Dr Dean Springer, who accompanied HORSE Sanctuary stables manager Robert Pierce to the location, pointed out that the horse, which was standing in the field and not running or racing, was sweating profusely, which was a danger sign.
He also pointed to the jutting bones of its pelvis.
Under the watchful eye of police, as some young residents of the community started to gather, Springer examined it and later cleaned its hooves.
The horse was then taken away in a horse box.
Pierce, who spoke to the SATURDAY SUN, confirmed the horse “was not in the best of condition”.
“We are going to try our best to work along with the owner,” he said, adding that someone had tipped them off about the condition of the horse and, when he checked, he realised it was in an awful state.
“We are going to take it back to the charity and bring it back to proper health and work with the gentleman and teach him the right way of looking after horses, and see if the education would help him,” Pierce explained.
“Hopefully, in later years he would have a lot more knowledge to do with horses and be able to treat horses in a better way because it seems like he wants to learn,” Pierce said.


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