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ALTAR CALL: ‘Walk land in hand with God’


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CHARGED with a mandate to build and develop the church’s facilities, Pastor John Forde of Revival Time Assembly last week urged his congregation and the public to get excited about the things of God and about doing God’s work.
?“Rise up. Get excited about seeing the last stage of this property come to fruition. Bring an offering to the Lord and make room for work in the sanctuary,” Forde said, concerning the Maxwell Hill, Christ Church sanctuary.
“I make a public appeal that we get excited about the things of God and band together as the Body of Christ at large to spread the Macedonian call. Come out to Revival Time Assembly and help us claim the land God has already mandated is ours,” Forde added.
“We do not want to lose the land. We cannot accept we have lost if we do not put in the effort to win. If we lose, God is transitioning us, but right now we cannot roll over and play dead. We have to put in the effort.”
Taking his main texts from Exodus 3:1-10, and Joshua 2, which records how God led the children into the Promised Land, Forde titled his message, The Earth Is The Lord’s.
“We at Revival Time Assembly must know that the earth is the Lord’s. It is His to do as He chooses.
“If we are just happy to assemble here and do not have a vision of where we are going, the enemy will be pleased,” he told the congregation.
He said the children of Israel rose up against God and Moses while they were being taken to the Promised Land, and begged the question: What is wrong with God’s people that they do not want to enjoy the best blessings from the Lord?
“The children of Israel were not excited about entering the Promised Land. We have to get excited about what God is doing.
“In this day and age no matter what is going on around us, no matter what gloom and doom is being preached, we must have a ‘pep’ in our steps. We must celebrate and worship God in the midst of the gloom and doom.
“God will never bring us to the place where we are in bondage and leave us there.”
The pastor said the church needed $1.6 million to purchase the land on which it stood, and additional money to develop the land.
He said he felt it was time to make this need public.
“I sound a Macedonian call for missions and for the Body of Christ to rise up and help. The God we serve does not operate out of lack. Take courage. Rise up and build.
“If you take care of God’s house He will take care of yours. If you take care of God’s business, He will take care of you.”
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