DEAR CHRISTINE: Friends say I’m missing out on life


Dear Christine,
I have a few questions to ask which I hope you will answer truthfully.
I am 21 years old and I am yet to enjoy “the life” which many of my friends speak of.
For instance, I have never had sex, have never attend a fete/nightclub (although I have been to two house parties) or indulged in drugs, like some of my friends have. I attend church and want to fully commit to Christianity, but friends say I am missing out on life.
Is there something wrong with me? What is the appropriate age for these things to happen?
– Annie
Dear Annie,
I will answer your questions the way a mother or father would.
1. Sex should occur after marriage.
2. A fete is not an event you have to attend. Yours truly has never been to one. Does that mean I am missing out on life? Not at all!
3. You do not need to experiment with drugs to know it is wrong to do so.
These days teenagers and young adults do what they like when they like because they are allowed to. Be thankful that you are being protected from travelling on a road which some people take, only to regret later.
Stick to your principles and continue to walk circumspectly.


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