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Caribbean athletes for Continental Cup


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Several Caribbean athletes have been selected in the Americas team for the IAAF Continental Cup.

Former Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown leads a line-up of Jamaicans which include Nesta Carter, Jason Morgan and Novlene Williams-Mills.

Trinidad and Tobago will be represented by Olympic javelin champion Keshorn Walcott, sprinters Michelle Lee-Ahye and Richard Thompson and seasoned thrower Cleopatra Borel.

Levern Spencer and Kim Collins will fly the St Lucia and St Kitts flags, respectively.

The team also includes four other global champions and eight world-leading performers.

Fellow world champion LaShawn Merritt goes in the 400m, while Olympic champion Jenn Suhr will feature in the women’s pole vault. World indoor champion Francena McCorory will contest the 400m.

Other world leaders on the team include 400m hurdler Javier Culson, shot putter Joe Kovacs, 800m runner Ajee Wilson, sprint hurdler Dawn Harper Nelson, 400m hurdler Kaliese Spencer and long jumper Tianna Bartoletta.

The Continental Cup will be held in Marrakech, Romania on September 13 and 14. (IAAF/SAT)

Americas team

100m: Mike Rodgers (USA), Richard Thompson (TTO)
200m: Rasheed Dwyer (JAM), Alonso Edward (PAN)
400m: LaShawn Merritt (USA), Luguelin Santos (DOM)
800m: Duane Solomon (USA), Wesley Vazquez (PUR)
1500m: Leo Manzano (USA), Charles Philibert-Thiboutot (CAN)
3000m: Bernard Lagat (USA), Carlos Antonio dos Santos (BRA)
5000m: Andrew Bumbalough (USA), Ivan Lopez (CHI)
3000m steeplechase: Matt Hughes (CAN), Evan Jager (USA)
110m hurdles: Ronnie Ash (USA), Yodan O’Farrill (CUB)
400m hurdles: Javier Culson (PUR), Michael Tinsley (USA)
High jump: Derek Drouin (CAN), Erik Kynard (USA)
Pole vault: Augusto Dutra (BRA), Mark Hollis (USA)
Long jump: Will Claye (USA), Luis Rivera (MEX)
Triple jump: Will Claye, Jonathan Silva (BRA)
Shot put: Joe Kovacs (USA), O’Dayne Richards (JAM)
Discus: Jorge Fernandez (CUB), Jason Morgan (JAM)
Hammer: Roberto Janet (CUB), Kibwe Johnson (USA)
Javelin: Tim Glover (USA), Keshorn Walcott (TTO)
4x100m: Nesta Carter (JAM), Kim Collins (SKN), Mike Rodgers, Richard Thompson
4x400m: Chris Brown (BAH), LaShawn Merritt, Gil Roberts (USA), Luguelin Santos

100m: Michelle-Lee Ahye (TTO), Veronica Campbell-Brown (JAM)
200m: Joanna Atkins (USA), Anthonique Strachan (BAH)
400m: Francena McCorory (USA), Novlene Williams-Mills (JAM)
800m: Sahily Diago (CUB), Ajee Wilson (USA)
1500m: Shannon Rowbury (USA), Nicole Sifuentes (CAN)
3000m: Gabe Grunewald (USA), Jessica O’Connell (CAN)
5000m: Brenda Flores (MEX), Katie Mackey (USA)
3000m steeplechase: Emma Coburn (USA), Jessica Furlan (CAN)
100m hurdles: Dawn Harper Nelson (USA), Lavonne Idlette (DOM)
400m hurdles: Kori Carter (USA), Kaliese Spencer (JAM)
High jump: Chaunte Lowe (USA), Levern Spencer (LCA)
Pole vault: Fabiana Murer (BRA), Jenn Suhr (USA)
Long jump: Tianna Bartoletta (USA), Christabel Nettey (CAN)
Triple jump: Caterine Ibarguen (COL), Kimberly Williams (JAM)
Shot put: Cleopatra Borel (TTO), Michelle Carter (USA)
Discus: Gia Lewis-Smallwood (USA), Yaime Perez (CUB)
Hammer: Amanda Bingson (USA), Sultana Frizell (CAN)
Javelin: Liz Gleadle (CAN), Kara Patterson (USA)
4x100m: Michelle-Lee Ahye, Joanna Atkins, Tianna Bartoletta, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Samantha Henry-Robinson (JAM)
4x400m: Christine Day (JAM), Francena McCorory, Stephenie Ann McPherson (JAM), Novlene Williams-Mills



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