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Barbados Visual Media Awards Nominees


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The Barbados Film and Video Association announces the names of the nominees for the Barbados Visual Media Awards BIMVIM 2014, to be held on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Frank Collymore Hall at 7:00 p.m.

A total of 13 films have been nominated in varying categories, some in multiple categories.

​​Best Full Length Film



Keeping Up With the Jones -The Movie

Best Short Film

Diaries of An Immigrant


The Interrogation

Going Beyond

Best television/web fiction series

Porgie and Murdah

Keeping Up With Jones

Into the Darkness

Best Short Documentary

Back Bench – Ezra Hinds

National Identity – Lia Gajadhar

A Day in Bajan Life – Izebo – Pelle Hybbinette & Penny Hynam

Movement Skateboards – Keep Moving Mikul Elcock

Breaking the Silence – Lia Gajadhar & Nalita Gajadhar

Best Actress

Makalah Harrison – Chrissy

Akasha Kunar – Diaries of an Immigrant

Marcia Burrowes – Auntie

Best Actor

Osvaldo ‘Porgie’ Reid – Porgie and Murda

Damien Snappah Gibson – Payday

Adrian Franklyn – Payday

Clish Gittens – Going Beyond

Best supporting actress

Tyshanna ‘Stella’ Lawrence – Porgie and Murdah

Jade McCollin – Chrissy

Sharon Griffith – Chrissy

Cara O’Donnell – Chrissy

Che-Annika Mayers Auntie

Rotchelle Gibbons – KUWJ The Movie

Jerelle Joseph – Diaries 

Best supporting actor

Reshawn Murda Ince- Porgie and Murda

Ramon ‘Juice’ Eastmond’ – Porgie and Murdah

Peter Boyce – Chrissy

Mac Fingall – Chrissy

Andrew Franklyn – Pay Day 

Best cinematography

Movement Skateboards – Keep Moving



Diaries of an Immigrant 

Best Editing

Movement Skateboards – Keep Moving


Diaries of an Immigrant

Going Beyond 

Best Sound

The Interrogation


Best Script




Best Director

Mikul Elcock Movement Skateboards

Satya Collymore – Diaries

Lisa Harewood of Auntie

Marcia Weekes of Chrissy

Ezra Hinds of Back Bench

Lia Gajadhar of National Identity

Selwyn Browne of Pay Day

Pelle Hibinette A day in a Bajan Life 

Outstanding Work – Audio Visual Sector  

Media Resource Centre


Payday  Best Full Length Film  Selwyn Browne , Ricky Redman

Best Script  Shakirah Bourne

Best Director  Selwyn Browne

Best Actor – Damien Snappah Gibson; Andrew Franklyn

Best supporting actor  Andrew Franklyn

Damian Snappah Gibson

Chrissy  Best Full Length Film  Marcia Weekes

Best Actress  Makalah Harrison

Best supporting actress – Jade McCollin; Sharon Griffith; Cara O’Donnell

Best supporting actor – Peter Boyce; Mac Fingall

Best cinematography  Wenworth Kelly

Best Sound

Best Script  Marcia Weekes

Best Director  Marcia Weekes

Keeping Up With the Jones  Best Full Length Film  Rommell Hall & Shane Holford

Best television/web fiction series

Best supporting actress  Rotchelle Gibbons

Diaries of An Immigrant  Best Short Film  Satya Collymore

Best Actress  Nikita Akasha Kunar

Best supporting actress  Jerelle Joseph

Best cinematography  Satya Collymore

Best Editing  Satya Collymore & Jason Russell

Porgie and Murdah  Best television/web fiction series  Charles Ince

Best Actor  Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ Reid

Best supporting actress  Tyshanna Lawrence

Best supporting actor  Reshawn Ince

Back Bench  Best Short Documentary

Best Director  Ezra Hinds

National Identity  Best Short Documentary

Best Director  Jason Russell

A Day in Bajan Life  Best Short Documentary

Best Director  Pelle Hybbinette

Movement Skateboards  Best Short Documentary

Best cinematography  Mikul Elcock

Best Editing  Mikul Elcock

Best Director  Mikul Elcock

Auntie  Best Short Film  Lisa Harewood

Best television/web fiction series

Best Actress  Marcia Burrowes

Best supporting actress  Che-Annika Mayers

Best cinematography  Ricardo Diaz

Best Script  Lisa Harewood

Best Editing  Russell Watson

Best Director  Lisa Harewood

The Interrogation  Best Short Film  Damien Pinder

Best Sound  Damien Pinder

Into the Darkness  Best television/web fiction series

Going Beyond Best Actor  Clish Gittens

Best Editing  Damien Pinder



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