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We must have pride in ourselves


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November is always a time to reflect for many Barbadians.

After all, it is the month of this country’s Independence.

Forty-eight years ago, Barbados raised its flag declaring independence from the then mother country, England.

It was with pride and industry that thousands gathered at the Garrison to watch this historic occasion.

It is that same pride that needs to shine today.

Independence is a time to reflect on all that this country has been able to achieve, despite and in spite of challenges and hardships.

Barbados is a country which is said to be “punching above its weight”.

Independence is also a time for Barbadians to focus on where this country has come from, and where it is going – in essence, it’s past and it’s future.

It was, therefore, disheartening to hear Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley at a press conference announcing plans for the Sagicor Life Inc. Lighting Ceremony recently, speak about the unsavoury practice by some people who were stealing lights and plants from roundabouts.

These are the same roundabouts that are lit and beautified in November as part of this country’s Independence celebrations.

It is unfortunate that while corporate Barbados is being asked to dole out big bucks to beautify these roundabouts across the island, some vagabonds are out there desecrating them.

It is also sad that in this day, and at this time that such vile acts are taking place when Barbadians should be celebrating even more than any other time, the beauty of this country with much pride.

This activity needs to be frowned on and we cry shame on the culprits.

They need to cease and desist.

These acts also speak to a bigger problem – one of national symbolism which is being destroyed at the hands of our very own.

We, therefore, welcome the increased police surveillance especially now the lights have been turned on and the true beauty of the roundabouts can be seen and enjoyed by all Barbadians and those who visit these shores.

Remember, this is a month to reflect but it is also one that can be used to become reinvigorated, re-energised and revitalised especially at this challenging time in our country’s history.

It is also a time to exploit the true meaning of the motto, Pride and Industry which needs to be translated into action by every single individual.

We join with Minister Lashley in calling for Barbadians to truly reflect on what Independence means to us as a people and a country.

It is time for every Barbadian to take that pride and industry to a new level.


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