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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Newsman in headlines


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COCKROACH HAS no right at fowl cock party especially when they’re 60 of them together.

This is what one news hound who likes politics found out this week when he turned up for a big bash. This news hound, who is fond of reading any and every thing, was once known for his off breaks while at The Garrison and Waterford.

He decided to get a photographer to take a picture of the three amigos, who attended the public event.

There they were. The lad from St John who grew up poor but made a fortune and turned into an arrogant despot whose face is the hardest thing on his body, which is why he is now known as The Pump; the former teacher who still loves music and young  women, as was evident after the troubles he had seen following his escapade in Miami; and there too was Peter the Great, still struggling  to pay hundreds of people he owes  for more than a year.

Well, it was Peter the Great who called out the news hound, who is a close friend of the black intellectual from Tichbourne and was once a confidant of Don the Trickster.

The treatment was not right and Peter the Great, The Pump and the Teacher musician, as well as those looking on, must understand that it was no laughing matter and what they sow so shall they reap.

Royal backlash

AN IRATE BIG SHOT gave a severe tongue lashing to security officials last weekend following a breach at her residence. So annoyed was she that she ordered all of them off when she turned up to find them swamping all over the place.

The problem started when a thief, apparently not realising where he had burglarised, tried to make off with a big able flat screen television. After being seen by a guard who made hot pursuit, the thief abandoned his loot and made good his escape.

But given where, who, when and what took place, the men in blue had to make a quick response. They could not sleep on this one.

But the Baroness was not at all amused and promptly dismissed the common security from her estate. Only those of a very high rank would be allowed to hold court with mi lady.

So caustic was her tongue lashing that one man in blue could not make it out the next day.

Perhaps only MI6 is good enough.

Down a peg

TONGUES HAVE BEEN wagging about a certain man from the country.

He is known as a manipulator of all systems, especially when it comes to voting for delegates. Every year he buses in large numbers to sow the seeds of support either for  him or his acolytes.

He controlled things and had a big grin on his face as if he had just run over Horse Hill after his successes.

But he ran into a warrior, more determined than he, who realised that he had breached the rules and demanded that he take leave. That he opposed and sought wiser counsel only to learn that the learned ones would not open their doors for him saying there will be no space in the inn until 2016. This meant that he had to step aside until there is a resolution to the confusion.

But so greedy is he that he has asked not to be overlooked of the freebies and sweet life.

None of it, said the warrior. If you on board then you cannot enjoy the fruits reserved for those duly chosen to serve.

Master stroke

THE BIG QUESTION on every lip following a recent presentation by an esteemed short man at Needhams Point was where were those big brain scholars, especially all those who like to brag about Waterford University.

A former captain, the current captain and a former major, three men who like to talk non-stop about fiscal issues and monetary matters, were visibly absent. This was surprising given how much they admire the short master and one of them even became his acolyte.

Of course the woman in white was absent as was the black intellectual from Tichbourne, whom it was felt would lap up the words of wisdom the man delivered. But some friends of the short master turned out to show their support, including the woman who recently survived a plot to overthrow her. 

His presentation showed that  he is neither over the hills nor lacking in brain power.


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