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PUDDING & SOUSE: Monster on loose


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THE BIG TALK all around Barbados today is about the star of the locally produced movie, The Abuser.

Boy Dick, who has the lead role, continues to take his part very seriously. Some years ago he starred in Body Blows and left one of the characters terribly bruised. Now production has been halted in the latest movie as the co-star, Me-Me, a flashy and flamboyant brownlin, said his character is way too rough in its various scenes.

Boy Dick, who particularly enjoys roles where he gets to beat people, especially women, takes his part serious.

There are even plans now to get him to do a promotional piece about domestic violence given how well he has acted out the role whether in Bridgetown, Port of Spain or Miami.

But one woman is rejecting any such suggestions saying that his script calls for smothering the victim with a pillow and even stripping them naked and then administering serious cuffs, kicks and head butts. It is just his way of getting his feeling of joy.

While we wait to see whether he will get to continue starring in the role or whether a rejected fast bowler will be the best choice, Boy Dick is spending his time putting beads and feathers on a swimsuit he wants his co-star to wear.

Song check

PINK FLOYD SINGS about Goodbye Blue Sky and Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, but a Jamaican artiste is penning the words for a new song which he plans to have released next year just after Easter.

He has made it clear he will not be the performer but will have The Promoter do a special rendition.  The song, which already has a title before the lyrics are completed, is called Cuss Bird.

The words are being reviewed by the team of Beach, Gym and Hill, who are vetting every line very carefully to ensure no violations occur, especially after all that was placed on social media.

Sometimes cool heads need to prevail and big issues would disappear.

This is the list

THE NAMES came from a true cross section of society. From the Heights, Parks and Terraces to the villages all across the island and some who are comfortably in a foreign abode.

This was the real list. It highlighted the professionals, those in the public service and some in the private sector. Others are still beating books trying to become doctors of some sorts, philosophy or medicine. But what was the point, of just giving name and address, when that doesn’t solve the problem?

One man when questioned about why he was listed denied it was him, but someone with the same name who happened to live in the same address where he once lived. And he is a man who speaks of ethics and high morals.

Many people are asking what was achieved and if anyone has paid not to have their name on the list again.


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