PUDDING & SOUSE: Jacked up by wifey


A BOLD FACED MAN left the comfort of his home to go have a fling with an outside lady recently.

Unfortunately for him, he went to a particular cart road in the country but clearly was not hidden away well enough. Someone saw the car and told his wife where it was and that it seemed to be in distress so perhaps she should go and lend a hand.

The wife, who was already suspicious of the goings-on and had confronted the two-timing middle-aged husband of hers, made a quick dash to the given location.

Lo and behold, there he was with the mistress. His plea was that they were only having a chat but wifey could not hear a thing at that point. She proceeded to ram his car with hers and then took photos which were posted on social media.

The husband’s only cry to date is that they be taken down since, given his job, it would be embarrassing for him.

Too ungrateful

IT WAS PURE BACCHANNAL in a district in the east last week. An auntie who was playing kindhearted and nice ended up getting only abuse. 

This woman had sought to help her niece whom the mother had evicted because of bashment behaviour. The auntie, feeling sorry for her bloodline, gave her a roof over her head. But the young girl showed no appreciation and simply failed to change her behaviour.

Many people living in the area, once known for the many pennies in the holes there, said the aunt spoke to the girl about her behaviour, but the girl not only cursed her considerate auntie, but put some blows on her. Reports are that lawmen had to visit the area. 

The young woman, who is certainly no gem of the district, has since left the area and is certainly not welcomed there anymore.

Storm clouds brewing

SOME PEOPLE SAY there is turmoil in the church once again.

Retirement beckons for some, but the desire to go peacefully simply doesn’t seem to be there.

And while not in the heart of St Andrew, the focus may be on the principal locale, even if a place of disrepair. As the facts come to light we shall be frank and forthright in our reports.


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