Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time for change has come


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WE ARE ALWAYS told that if we continue doing things the same way, we would be crazy to expect different results.

I am baffled by the fact that in Barbados we keep switching form one political party to the other. We get fed up with one group of politicians on a ten-year cycle and return to the ones that we previously rejected at the polls, completely forgetting the reason why we voted against them.

It is time for a change in how so-called educated persons organise to vote on Election Day. We inherit political parties from our parents and our communities and it does not matter how bad the abuse – we just would not divorce them. We need to dump all politicians who abuse us politically and reap carnage on our ambitions, finances and hope for the future. It is time for a change – a time for a fresh, clean third party, a party not made up of lawyers and doctors who never operated a snow cone cart. Ironically, we expect them to manage millions of dollars.

We need a change from immoral, greedy, vindictive, arrogant, incompetent, gutless and godless men and women. We need men and women of integrity who walk and live with the fear of God in their hearts. We need a party of educated persons (this is not just referring to academics), Christian business persons, skilled and talented men and women of vision and ambition and of great fresh godly ideas.

I am convinced that we can run a government better than doctors, lawyers and opportunists who are driving us all into poverty. We need people who will abandon wastage, a new breed of politician who can say no to the warped morals of international organisations and prefer rather to trust in the God of Abraham to provide for us.

In closing, I think it is incumbent on me to state that all politicians are not dishonest and to my embarrassment all Christians are not honest. There are a lot of devils where we worship. My emphasis is on a large enough number of men of integrity working in abandonment together to restore this country to a position of prosperity and godliness.

– Arrindel Evelyn


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