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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Midget the one at fault


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WHERE is my money? That’s the message a woman living up north has been sending loud and clear back to Bim. She says she’s totally fed up and frustrated with the protracted time for her to collect her portion of the settlement.

This former frontline personality, who was apparently not as sweet as a Julie mango, has been telling one and all because she’s tired of the runaround.

She has bills to pay, including for the property here in Bim and wants to come home and relax after working hard day after day, sometimes at two jobs to make ends meet.

Knowing that she will never enjoy the good ole days when she took centre stage she is on the verge of taking her complaint elsewhere against a once powerful man some call Inches.

This is in spite of Inches saying that he gave all the money to a midget from the north who has refused to hand it over.

Many people close to all this action have indicated that if the midget from the north has things held up, then it would be a grave injustice against the lady and Inches. 

The midget, who likes to sport all types of suspenders and considers himself a ladies’ man, was able to get his coffers filled thanks to Inches.

It is left to see whether Inches will take action to protect his reputation or whether he will simply use some muscular language and jolt the midget to his senses.

Whatever  action is taken, the one fact that stands out is that this former big-up lady is not prepared to continue nursing her financial pains.

Teacher puts guard up

It did not quite reach panic proportions but teens of a rural school who read newspapers or have access to the Internet had no option but to stare and whisper when a certain individual turned up at their school recently.

One teacher was caught between a rock and a hard place because the man was on the premises on legitimate business. The teacher had no problem with the man’s companion, who was also on official business, but he ensured that while the short man was on the premises he kept an eagle eye on his students – especially the boys. The teacher didn’t see the girls as being in any danger.

Still, the question must be asked: Why risk a mature mangoose among young cocks in a barnyard? In view of recent events, his presence among such a number of young boys didn’t paint a particularly good picture.

                                                                                                                             Unwelcome ambitions

He has not even made it into the hustings yet, but the whispers have started about a bright young man wanting to contribute to his country’s development using new political pathways.

All the talk making the rounds is clearly aimed at stunting his progress. The charge being made is  that his hands are heavy and that is not the type of person who should aspire to lead nationally.

So while the traditional politicians were keeping a lot of noise near Heroes Square on Tuesday about violence against both women and men, a group of women in Aquatic Gap were decrying this second generation personage. They were saying no matter how much money he has or has access to they’re determined to see he does not get too far with his new ambitions.


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