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LOOKA LEW: Calling men cheap


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“I HATE A cheap man, I had one one time and I had to get rid o’ him.” That is what the woman look at me and say.

And she told me so, all because she was trying to sell me a bottle o’ body lotion for some kinda igrunt money, and I told her I could get twice as much lotion in the supermarket for half that money.

But she wasn’t the first woman who I ever heard say she hated a cheap man. I heard one say that she had a man, who, for example, would give her a $20 bill to buy something for him that cost $15, and then before she could give him the item he used to be asking bout his change.

So me and a couple fellas asked her to explain how that get being cheap. But her argument was that any man who would ask his woman bout change is a cheap man.

Well, I asked her, who the change belong to? She said that aint got nothing to do with it, only a cheap man would ask his woman bout change.

But for the longest time I was living, I does always hear women talking bout cheap men, but I have never heard a man talk bout a cheap woman yet.

Seriously, if a woman beg a man for a drop to the airport and he ask her for a lil something to put gas in his car; he cheap.

I mean to say, them got some women that even before they ask they would start by saying: “John, if I put gas in your car you would give me a lift to the airport?” but them got another set that if you can’t do it for free, then you cheap.

And I notice that nowadays from the time a girl start talking to a fella she does test him out by asking for a “top up”, if he say he aint got no money, well conversation done; he cheap!

I aint telling no lie, I hear bout women in the cashier line at the supermarket with a trolley full with groceries, who would look back at a man, a total stranger and say, “pay for these for me,” and just so the man would pay for the groceries.

Yesss, I telling you, he aint got to know her, but if he look at her like she is a mad person and ask her what happen to her money, she would say he cheap.

I hear a fella say he took a woman to dinner one night, she looked at the wine list and said she wanted to try a particular wine. Now, this wine cost $15 a glass, he explained to her that the wine was not a sweet wine, and it was one of those wines you had to acquire a taste for and she was not going to enjoy it. But he could see she was looking at him like he was insulting her or trying to get out of buying an expensive drink, so not wanting to be labelled a cheap man he ordered the wine. The woman took one sip, coughed and complained bout how bad it taste and left it there.

She also ordered something from the menu, ate two spoonfuls and left it there saying she didn’t know it used to have in cheese and how cheese does give her migraines.

All in all, he spent over $100 on her dinner, and like he said, he could have gone in Baxters Road and spend $20 on her, but then you would have heard . . . he cheap. See ya.

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