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Following is the list of major winners at the 2018 Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletics Championships awards ceremony at the Christ Church Foundation School on Tuesday:

Individual Divisional Champions

Under-13 Girls

1. Skye Spencer-Layne (St Michael School) 31 points

2. Samiya Dell (St Michael School) 29

3. Kelescia Downes (Christ Church Foundation ) 20

 Under-13 Boys

1. Daniel Duncan (Christ Church Foundation) 30 points

2. Jaquan Pilgrim (St Michael School) and Tyjah Bishop (St Leonard’s Boys) 20

 Under-15 Girls

1. Layla Haynes (Harrison College) 28 points

2. Tiara Stewart (Ellerslie School) 26

3. Maliah Edwards (Springer Memorial) 24

 Under- 15 Boys

1. Caleb Massiah (Harrison College) 36 points

2. Imani Austin ( St Leonard’s Boys) 29

3. Tyrique Bailey-Edwards (Alleyne School) 28

 Under-17 Girls

1. Vivica Addison (Lester Vaughan) 30 points

2. Asia Foster (St Michael School) 26

3. Anika Blackman (Princess Margaret Secondary) and Lelani Haddock (Christ Church Foundation School) 24 points

 Under-17 Boys

1. Nathan Crawford-Wallis (Christ Church Foundation) and Nicholas Grimes (Queens College) 26 points

2. Kevon Hinds (Queen’s College) 24

 Under-20 Girls

1. Mary Fraser (Darryl Jordan Secondary School) 35 points

2. Rowland Kirton -Browne (Lester Vaughan School) 34

3. Hannah Connell (Christ Church Foundation School) 28

 Under-20 Boys

1. Jonathan Jones (Harrison College) 40 points

2. Tafari Bishop (Coleridge & Parry School) 27 points

3. Seth Edwards (St Michael School) and Jonathan Miller (St Michael School) 26 points

Most Outstanding Athlete in 5000 metres & Most Outstanding Distance Male Athlete: Jonothan Jones of Harrison College (800m, 1500m, 3000m – 30 points)

 Most Outstanding Distance Female Athlete: Mary Fraser of the Darryl Jordan Secondary School (800m, 1500, 3000m – 30 points)

 Most Outstanding Field Female Athlete: Rowland Kirton-Browne of Lester Vaughan (Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Shot Put)

 Most Outstanding Field Male Athlete: Imani Austin of St Leonard’s Boys (Shot Put, Discus Throw, High Jump, Javelin Throw)

Outstanding Male & Female Senior Athlete: Jonathan Jones (Harrison College) Mary Fraser (Darryl Jordan Secondary School)

 Zonal Champions

Sol Barbados Esther Maynard Zone

Under-13 Girls Division Champion: Kelescia Downes (Christ Church Foundation School) 25 points

Under-13 Boys Division Champion: Daniel Duncan (Christ Church Foundation School) 30 points

Under-15 Girls Division Champion: Danica Gittens (St George Secondary School) 32 points

Under-15 Boys Division Champion: Caleb Massiah (Harrison College) 38 points

Under-17 Girls Division Champion : Lelani Haddock (Christ Church Foundation School) 28 points

Under-17 Boys Division Champion: Nathan Crawford- Wallis (Christ Church Foundation School) 40 points

Under-20 Boys Division Champion: Shemia Odaine (Alleyne School) 34 points

Under-20 Boys Division Champion: Jonothan Jones (Harrison College) 30 points

Champion School – Girls: (Christ Church Foundation School) 471.50 points

Champion School – Boys: (Christ Church Foundation School) 411 points

Frank Blackman Zone

Under-13 Girls Division Champion: Samiya Dell (St Michael School) and Skye Spencer-Layne (St Michael School) 34 points

Under-13 Boys Division Champion: Jaquan Pilgrim (St Michael School) 28 points

Under-15 Girls Division Champion: Tenielle Chapman-Goodluck (St Michael), Kay’ghun Rouse (Lodge School) 28 points

Under-15 Boys Division Champion: Brandon Downes (Alexandra School)

Under-17 Girls Division Champion: Asia Foster (St Michael School) and Vivica Addison (Lester Vaughan)

Under- 17 Boys Division Champion: Nicholas Grimes (Queen’s College) 28 points

 Under-20 Boys Division Champion: Shonita Broome (Alexandra School) 32 points

Under-20 Girls Division Champion: Tafari Bishop (Coleridge & Parry School) 32 points

Champion School – Girls: St Michael School 450.50 points

Champion School – Boys: St Michael School 420 points

Made It Against the Odds Awards

Tyrike Bailey-Edwards (Alleyne School)

Antonio Farrell (St Michael School)

Most Improved Schools

Male: Alexandra

Female: Queen’s College

BSSAC Appreciation Award: Richard White

BSSAC Honourees : Geoffrey Burke, Harold Ruck, Wendy Barrow-Smith

Female Champion Schools:  Christ Church Foundation & St Michael School

Male Champion School: St Michael School


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