Eleven-year-old Danniko Boyce of Bay Primary showing off one of the sheep he plans on entering in the livestock show.

Students from Welches Primary having a laugh with Agrofest mascot Baje.

Students have grand time

Chennaela Baker of St Ambrose Primary having a ride

ride on the mechanical bull.

time in Queen’s Park

The 15th Agrofest was nothing short of exciting for the scores of schoolchildren who attended the event yesterday in Queen’s Park, The City.

For some, it was a chance to learn about livestock animals, plant care and entrepreneurship.

For others, the Full We Pocket, Eat Local exhibit was a platform to showcase their skills and highlight some of the ongoing school projects.

Jarissa Smith from the Grantley Adams Memorial School said the variety of food and the livestock animals grabbed her interest while Shawnette Miller from St George Secondary School said she was attracted to the the added science as a Vocational CVQ).

colourful chicks from Gale’s Hatcheries. She said she learnt that one could use harmless food dye to change the colour of chicks for about three weeks.

Her schoolmate Takeria Toby said that she was impressed to see children her age offering products from a booth.


Showing skillset

“I like that students were showing of their skillset and making a business out of it.

It is very inspirational and it showed the creativity of the youth,” she said.

The Springer Memorial School booth manned by students Ashley Holder and Trinity patrons They among subject Wall to female Wall taught patrons about aquaponics.

explained that the school recently added agricultural science to its curriculum as Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ).

They were among the first to enrol and Holder said she took up the subject because of a love for gardening. Wall said she wanted to give further female representation in the field.

The Maria Holder Nursery School (Sharon branch) made its debut in partnership with the Lester Vaughan School. Early childhood educator Gale Carter explained that the nursery, under the name Cloverbuds, the youth arm of the Holder Sharon debut with Vaughan childhood Carter the the was


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