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Let there be light


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1:45 p.m. Friday Sept. 24, 2010 – Shoppers and business owners are happy that lights will soon be coming to Tudor Street in the City.
They say they have been calling for more lights in the area for some time now. Their cries were heard again after the Campus Trendz fire on September 3 which claimed the lives of six young females.
Last Monday staff from the Ministry of Transport and Works said that in conjunction with the Government Electrical Engineering Department, they had started work to provide proper lighting in the area.
Loleta Rampersaud, manager of Bena’s Discount store, on the same street says the move couldn’t be more timely.
“This was a very, very good move, I must say. The people who have to pass in the area late on evenings will feel good that lights are coming. It’s coming on to Christmas and the place is starting to get dark quickly.”
Shopper Chavel Lewis says businesses should install security cameras in their stores to help beef up security.
“There are a lot of things that are long overdue in this island. Putting lights on the street is good but I believe that all these stores should have their own security cameras by now. Because guards or police can’t see everything that’s going on. I also think that this fire escape thing is a major issue. All businesses, not only in town, should have a fire escape in the building,” Lewis says.
One store owner who wanted to remain anonymous, is  pessimistic. He says lights were been promised for the area ten years ago.
“This is too long overdue. Businesses out here have been waiting for too long for these lights. You honestly don’t want to know how I feel. They spoke about putting lights out here when they had elections ten years ago. And it’s not only about putting lights out here; the police are not out here when it’s time for them to be out here,” he says.

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