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LOOKA LEW: Dis one will kill yuh


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This will kill you! You will die! Yuh gine dead! That is all I saw on the package.
I was in a shop, and a fella came in and call for a loose cigarette. Now just in case you don’t know, a loose cigarette is a single cigarette. Nowadays, cigarettes just as expensive as gasoline, so some people can’t afford to buy a whole package, they could only buy one at a time.
Anyhow, when the shopkeeper took up the pack of cigarettes to take out one for the fella, I saw a big warning sign attached to the front of the cigarette box, it was so big it took up half of the box, it said, “SMOKING KILLS”. And when I saw that big “smoking kills” warning on that box, all my brain saw was – This will kill you! You will die! Yuh gine dead!
 But that aint stop the fella, (well I assuming he benefited from free education and was able to read); he purchased the cigarette and left.
This will kill you! The law mandates that cigarette manufacturers put these kinda warnings on the boxes to let people know what they getting into. But picture this, you step on an airplane, and just before the plane take off, the stewardess announces over the speakers, “oh, by the way, this airplane gine crash and kill everybody.” I certain that people gine want to know how you managed to get though one of them li’l airplane windows, cause you ain’t lining up decent to get off, the moment you hear that you could dead, you are getting out.
And that is what does amaze me bout smokers, them like them ain’t frighten to dead. It is so bad, that sometimes when a fella calling for a loose cigarette, you would hear him tell the shop keeper, “mistress, gimme a cancer stick”, which means that the poppet knows the thing can kill him.
Look, I try real hard to understand smoking but I feel I missing something, so tell me if I got this right.
You buy a cigarette also known as a cancer stick, you light it, right there and then you burning up money, you put it to your lips and suck in, you inhale some smoke and poisonous chemicals that make your mouth smell stink, leaves some muck on your teeth, goes into your lungs and leaves some more muck and black stuff there which can cause lung cancer and emphysema which is a form of damage to the lungs causing shortness of breath, all which can eventually kill you, and remember, you paid good money to do this.
After all of that, you exhale, sending out more stink smelling smoke, which has the ability to harm innocent people who happen to be around. It ain’t got in no vitamins, it don’t full your belly, the only thing it can do is kill you, am I correct or I missing something?
Another thing which amazes me ‘bout smokers, is that them don’t be ashame to beg for a cigarette. If you doubt me, stand up in the middle of Broad Street with a pack of cigarettes in you hand, and in the space of ten minutes, at least 20 people gine beg you for a cigarette, and they always use the same phrase when begging, which is, “gimme one of yours”.
Smoking kills! It can kill you! The people who make the cigarettes tell you so. Now tell me what part of that so hard to understand.
See ya.


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