28 meters in place


Water meters were finally installed at the 28 condominiums located at a gated community at Mango Drive, Porters, St James, which have not been billed for water for the past ten years.

When a NATION team visited the area yesterday, the new digital meters were spotted on the lawns of the complex, to which access can only be gained through an electronic gate.

A source revealed that the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) installed the 28 meters earlier this month at each condominium located at the multimillion-dollar complex.

This situation was highlighted by this newspaper in August shortly after the BWA discovered it through a tip-off. Officials were reportedly shocked to discover that no meters had ever been installed at the complex but water was being used.

On investigation workmen from the water utility found that a connection had been made directly to the main and that the condominiums were getting water but not being billed. Further investigations revealed that the official who was responsible for the installation of pipes at the complex was no longer employed by the BWA.


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