Tomas victims get new keys


Two families who lost their homes last year during Tropical Storm Tomas got early Christmas gifts yesterday when the Urban Development Commission (UDC) handed them keys to their brand new houses.
An elated Chesterfield Rollins and his wife Marcia were given the keys to a three-bedroom house at Fordes Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, while single mum Sharon Thomas and her six-year-old son Brendan will soon be moving into a two-bedroom house at Rendezvous High Ridge, Christ Church.
Cyprian Yearwood, evaluation and compliance officer at the UDC, presented the houses to the families while Verla Depeiza, the Democratic Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West, handed over the keys.
Marcia Rollins, 61, and her 64-year-old husband Chesterfield said they were extremely happy to be celebrating 38 years of marriage in their new home.
Over at Rendezvous, Sharon Thomas was also overjoyed at getting her home rebuilt.
Depeiza lauded the UDC for rebuilding the houses. She said some of the delays in rebuilding houses for other victims were due to landlords not giving permission for the houses to be reconstructed. But she stated that the UDC and the Rural Development Commission were undertaking the rebuilding of as many houses as they could.


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